What Drives Us: The Mission and Benefits of Global Virtual Academy

At Global Virtual Academy, we firmly believe that every child, regardless of their geographic location, deserves access to high-quality and engaging education. Our mission extends beyond academic learning to encompass social and emotional well-being. We aim to provide a vibrant global community that nurtures students on these three fronts.

In the modern world, remote working is gaining recognition as a viable way to achieve a healthy work-life balance while boosting productivity. As the future grows increasingly digital, it’s essential that education keeps pace with this trend. GVA is uniquely positioned to nurture and equip students with the skills necessary to thrive in this digital age.

A Modern, Comprehensive Curriculum

Global Virtual Academy is a registered private virtual school based in Florida, USA. The lessons we provide align with various state standards and U.S. national standards, offering students an accredited, rigorous, and comprehensive curriculum taught by certified, experienced U.S. teachers. This curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of modern students, helping them build essential skills for a successful future in an ever-changing world.

Studying with GVA offers students many advantages, including the flexibility of home learning. This flexibility allows families to spend more time together, pursuing the activities they love without the restrictions of a traditional school schedule. GVA’s resources are available online, and live classes are scheduled and recorded for full accessibility to students.

Beyond flexibility, GVA offers a host of benefits, including:

* Accredited Courses
* Individualized Academic Plans
* Small Class Sizes
* Live Help Sessions
* Customizable Student Schedules
* Academic Success Coaching
* Continual Progress Monitoring
* Teacher Office Hours

Our structure is designed to ensure that every student and their family feels part of the whole school community, affording them the opportunity to grow into well-rounded global citizens.

A Community-Oriented Virtual School

One question we often encounter is, “Don’t students miss out on the social aspects of school life in a virtual setting?” At GVA, the answer is a resounding “No.”

We have built a community that supports students both academically and emotionally. By offering a safe online space for communication with classmates and teachers, as well as providing a variety of clubs for global interaction, we ensure that students don’t miss out on the social aspects of school. Choosing Global Virtual Academy means joining an academic community that spans the globe, allowing your child to experience a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, thereby enriching their social skills and experiences.

Discover what high-quality online education looks like with Global Virtual Academy.  Book a tour of our school today and join our global community.