Flexible Personalized Learning

Our individualized approach to the education journey prepares students for the independence and opportunity that comes after high school graduation.  Students are prepared for the shift in time management and how to navigate the virtual systems so many colleges and universities, and workplaces, rely on for daily operation.  In turn, students can focus on their post high school endeavors because they have already discovered how they study, work and manage time most efficiently.

Our program offerings range from weekly college and career guidance and development to single courses taken as a part-time student, and our full-time program with varying levels of chosen involvement.

Single Online Courses Part Time

Our accredited face-to-face single online courses are available to students any time during the year.  The purpose of offering single courses is to help students take the courses they need when they need them, as opposed to waiting for them to be offered again when on a traditional schedule, or through summer school.  Students take single courses to catch up after falling “behind”, to accelerate and take courses of interest prior to the time they would traditionally be offered, and to take courses to help complete and enhance their academic portfolio for college preparation.  Each course consists of two 18 week semesters, and can be completed in more or less time.

Students have access to scheduled live, face-to-face, small group classes and live face-to-face drop-in help rooms with certified teachers available daily.

This program option is great for families wanting to supplement their current 6th through 12th grade education such as: Expat families, Homeschool students, Students on Family Empowerment Scholarships in Florida, students wanting to accelerate their education.

Full Time Online Academy

Full-Time in the Academy offers students a large range of excellent courses to choose from and a full schedule aligned to their interests; intended to get them focused and excited about their future.  Full-time students have the ability to create a schedule they are excited about with classes they look forward to attending that puts them on the path to building a purposeful and obviously thought-out academic plan.  They also have multiple levels of support and guidance from experienced professionals versed in both high school and college industry standards to ensure each student feels academically sure-footed to learn confidently and pursue their goals.

Students have access to scheduled live, face-to-face, small group classes and live face-to-face drop-in help rooms with certified teachers available daily.

This program option is perfectly suited for students wanting to take all of their courses online and earn an internationally recognized high school diploma.  Homeschool students, expat students and traveling families would find this program the most useful.

Registering in our program is the first step to curating an education and life journey that empowers your child to want to learn and grow for a lifetime.

College and Career Guidance and Development

Our College and Career Guidance and Development program guides students through discovery into careers that align with their interests and developing an academic action plan to compliment those interests. We help each student prepare an academic portfolio for an outstanding leap into their chosen college and/or career endeavors.  This program is a rewarding investment that will help your child understand the value in their education, create goals for their future, and focus on achieving them.

In-Person Hybrid Program (Full Time – Enrollment Closed for ’22 – ’23 School Year)








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