Empowering Each Learner

Established in 2020, we are a dynamic team of life-long learners, explorers, and experts.  Our mission is to empower learners on their education journey and we enjoy walking the engaging path of education with each learner.

Our virtual academic program is research-based, accredited and award winning.  We partner with Edmentum to provide interactive and engaging lessons to students worldwide.  Subjects are aligned to state and national standards, and teachers are certified and experienced at teaching in a virtual environment.

Students can be as involved and on-pace as needed, or they can alter their pace to complete in a time that is more suitable for their needs.

Courses are 18 weeks in length and consist of two semesters, A and B.  Each semester is recommended to take no less than 9 weeks to complete.  However, if a student is particularly interested and dedicated they may alter their pace.

Through our Full-Time Online academic program, students earn an an internationally recognized high school diploma recognized by colleges and universities worldwide through Cognia and WASC.


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A quality education for all learners.

We are on a mission to  provide all learners the quality education they deserve.  We continually strive to provide education that will empower learners for a future that is as dynamic as they are.  Each day we work towards our mission by holding ourselves to the following goals:

Providing high-quality courses that are engaging and capture each learners attention

Creating opportunities for learners to experience joy in learning, no matter where they are located

Maintaining a safe environment for learners to interact and develop social and emotional awareness

Creating a supportive space where learners are empowered to plan for the future and reach for their goals

Making a positive impact in our local communities knowing this also strengthens and positively helps our global community


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