Adaptable Customized Online Learning

Harnessing the power of personalized learning, Global Virtual Academy equips students for a successful transition post high school graduation. Our students also learn to navigate the virtual systems that colleges, universities, and modern workplaces rely on, honing their time management skills and efficiency.

Our program offerings are designed to suit the unique needs of every student, from Guided College Preparation to the flexibility of standalone, Individual Courses, and a comprehensive Full-Time Virtual Education Program. We prepare students not just academically, but for their future pursuits, as they discover their individual styles of studying, working, and managing time.

Choose Global Virtual Academy for an online education that’s more than just academics. It’s preparation for a successful future.

Dual Enrollment Requirements

Our College Bound Advising Program prepares you for navigating the path to college, including taking college courses while in middle school or high school.

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss college readiness and developing an academic plan, today.

Full-Time Virtual Education Program

Our Full-Time Online Program at Global Virtual Academy offers an engaging and immersive learning experience. We provide scheduled live, small-group classes and live face-to-face drop-in help rooms with certified teachers available daily for comprehensive academic support.

This program is an ideal fit for:

  • Homeschool Students
  • Military Families
  • Expat Families
  • Accelerated Learners
  • Globetrotting Families
  • Digital Nomad Communities
  • Homebound or Hospitalized Students
  • International Students
  • Sports Training Organizations
  • Florida Scholarship Students (Step Up for Students)

Choosing our Full-Time program allows students to access a wide range of quality courses and construct an academic plan that aligns with their ambitions. Our experienced professionals, well-versed in high school and college industry standards, provide multiple layers of support and guidance, ensuring each student feels academically confident and equipped to pursue their goals.

By joining our academic program, students are set on a path to earn an internationally recognized high school diploma, accredited by Cognia and WASC, and acknowledged by colleges and universities worldwide, through our partnership with Edmentum.

For students transitioning into our full-time program, at least 5 credits must be completed before they’re eligible for graduation and diploma receipt.

For more insights into our engaging program and how students navigate it, visit our Youtube Channel.

Register today with Global Virtual Academy – the first step in curating an education journey that empowers your child’s lifelong learning and growth.

Why Choose Global Virtual Academy?

1. Internationally Recognized High School Diploma: Equip your child with an online high school diploma recognized globally, broadening their opportunities for future success.

2. American-Certified and Experienced Teachers: Our team consists of certified, seasoned educators deeply committed to nurturing your child’s academic growth.

3. Live, Interactive Classes: Experience the benefits of real-time, face-to-face learning from the comfort of your home, perfectly blending traditional and online education.

4. Daily Live Academic Support: To ensure seamless learning, we offer daily live, drop-in help rooms staffed by certified subject-specialist teachers, ready to assist your child at a click.

5. Extensive Course Selection: We provide a wide range of dynamic online courses for grades 6 through 12, catering to diverse academic interests and goals.

6. Recorded Classes and Support Material: Never miss a lesson with our recorded classes and robust support material, ideal for review or catching up on missed sessions.

7. Continuous Progress Monitoring: Our dedicated educators regularly track and report your child’s academic progress, ensuring you stay updated on their learning journey.

8. Interactive, Award-Winning Virtual Textbook: Utilizing research-based, award-winning virtual textbooks, we make learning engaging and efficient.

9. American Curriculum Aligned with State and National Standards:  Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously aligned with both state and national standards, ensuring a quality education that meets academic requirements.

10. University Dual Enrollment Options: We offer opportunities for dual enrollment, allowing your high school student to earn university credits, providing a head start for their higher education journey.

Discover the Global Virtual Academy difference and set your child on the path to academic excellence with our quality online education. Contact us to learn more today.


“I appreciated the patience and support!”

– 9th Grade Parent

“The personal touch was incredible!!!!”

– 11th Grade Parent

How to Get Started in our Full Time Online Program

The payment table below reflects the pricing for our full-time online program.  Within this program students gain the advantage of having multiple layers of support through their educational journey.

Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Register
  2. Book a Meeting
  3. Pay

1. Register

Use the registration button below to register your child in the program and then book a meeting to select your preferred time to complete registration.

2. Book a Meeting

Use the button below to select your preferred time for us to contact you to complete the registration process.

3. Payment

Use the toggle button below for your preferred payment option.

Parents wanting to make payments towards this program throughout the year, the price is $6,000 for our Virtually Academic Program and $8,000 for our Virtually Focused Program including Guided College Preparation.  These prices reflect ten (10) monthly payments for a full school year.

Parents wanting to pay one-time for a full school year (10 months) receive a discounted rate of $5,750 for our Virtually Academic Program and $7,750 for our Virtually Focused Program including Guided College Preparation.

Use the toggle button below for your preferred payment option.








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