Adaptable Customized Learning

Harnessing the power of personalized learning, Global Virtual Academy equips high school students in grades 9 through 12 for a successful transition into post-secondary life through providing a program that is both rigorous and flexible.

We prepare students not just academically, but for their future pursuits, as they discover their individual styles of studying, working, and managing time.


Why Choose Global Virtual Academy?

High School Diploma

Equip your child with a high school diploma, broadening their opportunities for future success, powered by EdOptions Academy.


  • English / Language Arts – 4 Credits
  • Mathematics – 3 Credits
  • Science – 3 Credits
  • Social Studies – 3 Credits
  • Additional Courses
    • Art / CTE – 1 credit
    • Electives – 7 credits
  • NOTE:  College bound students are highly recommended to take the following:
    • 2 Years World Language
    • 4 Years of Math, including Algebra 2
    • 4 Years of Science
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Additional Science

American-Certified and Experienced Teachers

Our team consists of certified, seasoned educators deeply committed to nurturing your child’s academic growth.

Highly Certified Teacher’s List


Live, Interactive Classes

Experience the benefits of real-time, face-to-face learning from the comfort of your home, perfectly blending traditional and online education.

One-hour live classes are offered once a week per course.  These classes consist of a 30-minute teacher-led unit overview and 30 minutes for students to ask questions.

Should a student miss a class they have multiple avenues for support:

  • The Teacher Resource Room
    • Recorded Lessons
    • Lesson PowerPoint/PDF
    • Guided Notes
  • Tutor Room
    • Drop-In (No Scheduling)
    • Subject- Specific Rooms
    • Certified Teachers
    • One-to-One
  • Teacher Office Hours
    • Schedule a Time
    • Subject-Specific with Student’s Teacher
    • One-to-One

Extensive High-Quality Course Selection

We provide a wide range of dynamic online courses for grades 6 through 12, catering to diverse academic interests and goals.

AP® Calculus A/B
AP® Statistics A/B
Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 1 A/B Honors
Algebra 2 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B Honors
Calculus A/B
Consumer Mathematics
Financial Mathematics A/B
Florida Algebra 1 A/B
Florida Algebra 1-A A/B
Florida Algebra 1-B A/B
Florida Algebra 2 A/B
Florida Financial Algebra A/B
Florida Geometry A/B
Florida Mathematics for College Algebra A/B

Florida Mathematics for College Liberal Arts A/B

Florida Mathematics for Data and Financial Literacy A/B
Geometry A/B
Geometry A/B Honors
Mathematics 1 A/B
Mathematics 2 A/B
Mathematics 3 A/B
Precalculus A/B
Precalculus A/B Honors
Probability & Statistics

AP® English Language and Composition A/B

AP® English Literature and Composition A/B

Business English A/B
English 09 A/B
English 09 A/B Honors
English 10 A/B
English 10 A/B Honors
English 11 A/B
English 11 A/B Honors

AP® Biology A/B
AP® Chemistry A/B
AP® Environmental Science A/B
Biology A/B
Biology with Virtual Labs A/B
Biology with Virtual Labs A/B Honors

Chemistry A/B
Chemistry A/B Honors
Florida Biology A/B
Florida Chemistry A/B
High School Earth & Space Science A/B
High School Earth & Space Science A/B Honors

Integrated Physics & Chemistry A/B

Integrated Physics & Chemistry A/B Honors

Physical Science A/B
Physics A/B
Physics A/B Honors

AP® Macroeconomics
AP® Microeconomics
AP® Psychology
AP® U.S. History A/B
Contemporary World History A/B
Ethnic Studies
Florida Economics with Financial Literacy

Florida U.S. History A/B
Florida United States Government
Florida World History A/B
High School Civics

High School World History A/B
High School World History A/B Honors

U.S. Government
U.S. History A/B
World Geography A/B
World History Survey A/B

AP® French A/B
AP® Spanish A/B
Chinese 1 A/B
Chinese 2 A/B

Florida French 1 A/B

Florida French 2 A/B

Florida German 1 A/B

Florida German 2 A/B

Florida Spanish 1 A/B

Florida Spanish 2 A/B

Florida Spanish 3 A/B

French 1 A/B
French 2 A/B
French 3 A/B
German 1 A/B

German 2 A/B

Spanish 1 A/B

Spanish 2 A/B

Spanish 3 A/B

Academic Success
Art History and Appreciation

Artificial Intelligence
College and Career Preparation I

College and Career Preparation II

Communication Applications

Creative Writing Environmental Science A/B

Gothic Literature
Holocaust Studies
Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to Archaeology

Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Visual Arts

Introduction to World Religions
Music Appreciation
Mythology and Folklore
Structure of Writing
Women’s Studies

Adaptive Physical Education
Advanced Physical Education 1
Advanced Physical Education 2
Comprehensive Physical Education
Drugs & Alcohol
Exercise Science
Family & Consumer Science
Family Living & Healthy Relationships
First Aid & Safety
Flexibility Training
Florida HOPE A/B
Florida Physical Education
Group Sports
HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) 1
HOPE (Health Opportunities through Physical Education) 2
Health & Personal Wellness
Health 2
Health Careers
Health Extended

Intro to Coaching

Intro to Nursing 1

Intro to Nursing 2

Life Skills
Lifetime & Leisure Sports

Medical Terminology

Outdoor Sports
Personal Health & Fitness

Personal Training Career Prep

Personal Training Concepts

Physical Education

Physical Education Physiology
Sports Officiating
Strength Training
Walking Fitness

Business Management and Administration
Business Applications
Business Information Management A/B

Computer Applications
Information Technology Applications

International Business
Introduction to Business and Technology A/B

Management Fundamentals A/B
Principles of Business Management A/B

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance A/B

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance A/B Professional Communications


Accounting A/B
Accounting I A/B
Accounting II A/B
Introduction to Finance


Information Technology
CompTIA A+ 220-1001
CompTIA A+ 220-1002
Computer Programming 1 A/B
Computer Science Essentials
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Networking Fundamentals A/B
Principles of Information Technology A/B

Principles of Information Technology A/B

Security Fundamentals A/B


Hospitality and Tourism
Culinary Arts A/B

Hospitality Management A/B
Nutrition and Wellness
Principles of Hospitality and Tourism A/B
Sports and Entertainment Marketing


Human Services

Child Development and Parenting A/B
Introduction to Military Careers
Personal Finance
Personal Financial Literacy
Principles of Human Services A/B
Psychology A/B
Relationships and Emotions A/B

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Forestry and Wildlife Management A/B
Foundations of Green Energy A/B
Introduction to Marine Biology
Introduction to Veterinary Science
Natural Resources A/B
Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources A/B


Health Science
Allied Health Careers A/B
Anatomy and Physiology A/B
Applied Medical Terminology A/B
Certified Nurse Aide A/B
Exercise Science A/B
Health Information Management A/B
Health Science 1 A/B
Health Science 2 A/B
Medical Coding and Billing A/B
Medical Therapeutics A/B
Principles of Health Science A/B
Principles of Health Science A/B
Rehabilitation Careers A/B


Career Explorations
Career and Life Skills A/B
Computing for College and Careers A/B
Essential Career Skills


Arts, A/V, Technology, and Communications

Audio/Video Production 1 A/B

Audio/Video Production 2 A/B

Audio/Video Production 3 A/B

Digital and Interactive Media A/B

Graphic Design and Illustration A/B

Introduction to Fashion Design

Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications A/B
Professional Photography A/B
Theater, Cinema, and Film Production


Government and Public Administration
Principles of Government and Public Administration A/B


Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
Principles of Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics A/B


Biotechnology A/B
Electronic Communication Skills
Game Development
Introduction to Android Mobile App Development Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to iOS Mobile App Development Principles of Engineering and Technology A/B Revolutionary Ideas in Science
Robotics I A/B
Web Technologies A/B


Education and Training
Principles of Education and Training A/B


Entrepreneurship A/B
Introduction to Social Media
Marketing, Advertising, and Sales


Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security
Introduction to Criminology
Introduction to Forensic Science
Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security A/B


Principles of Manufacturing A/B


Architecture and Construction
Drafting and Design A/B
Principles of Architecture and Construction A/B



Flexible Scheduling & Easily Review Progress

Our academic year is thoughtfully structured into two 18-week semesters, but with a twist. Our online courses are customized to your child’s pace, ensuring an optimized learning experience that can be completed in more or less time, based on your child’s individual needs.

The student dashboard is an academic progress hub, ensuring students stay updated on their learning journey.

Interactive Textbook and Award-Winning Curriculum

Utilizing a research-based, award-winning curriculum through Edmentum, we make learning engaging and impactful for each student.

Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously aligned with both state and national standards, ensuring a quality education that meets academic requirements.

Advanced Course Options

We offer opportunities for students to earn additional high school credit through Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  For the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit, we offer dual enrollment through the University of South Florida, providing cost savings for college and a head start into the higher education journey.

Our program has shown to be an ideal fit for:

  • Homeschool Students
  • Accelerated Learners
  • High School Athletes
  • Military and Expat Families
  • Homebound or Hospitalized Students
  • International Students

Choosing our Full-Time program allows students to access a wide range of quality courses and construct an academic plan that aligns with their ambitions.


Our experienced professionals, well-versed in high school and college industry standards, provide multiple layers of support and guidance, ensuring each student feels academically confident and equipped to pursue their goals.

By joining our academic program, students are set on a path to earn a high school diploma, accredited by Cognia and WASC, powered by EdOptions Academy.

For students transitioning into our full-time program, at least 5 credits must be completed before they’re eligible for graduation and diploma receipt.

Register today with Global Virtual Academy – the first step in curating an education journey that empowers your child’s lifelong learning and growth.

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