Advancing at Your Own Pace

Our advanced courses help to prepare students for post-secondary academics by organizing opportunities for various levels of academic growth and achievement.  See below for the options available to our scholars looking to advance.

High School Honors Courses

Honors courses give scholars an opportunity to take learning to another level and show their academic determination while earning additional high school credit.

Algebra 1 A/B Honors

Algebra 2 A/B Honors

Geometry A/B Honors

Precalculus A/B Honors



English 09 A/B Honors

English 10 A/B Honors

English 11 A/B Honors

English 12 A/B Honors


Biology with Virtual Labs A/B Honors

Chemistry A/B Honors

High School Earth & Space Science A/B Honors

Integrated Physics & Chemistry A/B Honors

Physics A/B Honors

Social Studies

High School World History A/B Honors



Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement courses prepare students to for college courses and to take the Advanced Placement test in pursuit of earning college credit.


AP® Calculus A/B
AP® Statistics A/B


AP® English Language and Composition A/B
AP® English Literature and Composition A/B


AP® Biology A/B
AP® Chemistry A/B
AP® Environmental Science A/B

Social Studies

AP® Macroeconomics
AP® Microeconomics
AP® Psychology
AP® U.S. History A/B

College and Career Readiness

AP® Computer Science A

“All 22 of Edmentum’s available AP courses have been approved and are listed within the College Board AP Ledger.

  • Edmentum students earned scores of 3 or higher on 68% of all AP exams taken, 8% higher than the 2022 national average (60%).
  • Of the top five AP courses taken by Edmentum students, the percentage of students who earned a 3 or higher exceeded the national average by as much as 18%”

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Dual Enrollment Courses

Dual Enrollment is for students who would like to begin their college journey while still in high school.  As the name states, students choosing to excel at this advanced level earn both high school and college credit while taking one course.  Students attending with us have access to dual enrollment with the University of South Florida.

General USF Dual Enrollment Requirements

❑ 9th – 12th grade
❑ 6 credits first semester
❑ Up to 11 credits thereafter
❑ Qualifying testing options
IE: Accuplacer, PERT, etc.
❑ 3.5 + GPA
❑ Maintain 2.0 GPA
❑ Part-time Non-Degree seeking student


Testing Requirements

SAT: 560 Critical
Reading / 530 Math

ACT: 21 Reading /
21 Mathematics

PERT: 114 Math / 106
Reading / 103 Writing
Offered at State Colleges

CPT (Accuplacer): 256 Reading / 253
Writing / 250 AAF (advanced
algebraic functions)
Testing Center at USF must bring Photo ID & U#


Post Secondary Test Prep Courses

Post-Secondary Preparation courses help students prepare for college readiness exams and career goal assessments.  Students interested in post-secondary academic or career endeavors are encouraged to take these courses to help them become familiar with the format of post-secondary preparation testing.

SAT® Mathematics
SAT® Reading
SAT® Writing and Language

Additional Information

For a list of colleges, universities and scholarship programs to send SAT scores use this SAT Scores Sends List

To find a testing center and location, use this SAT Test Center Search Link

Global Virtual Academy School Code – 038111

ACT® English
ACT® Mathematics
ACT® Reading
ACT® Science Reasoning

ASVAB Mathematics
ASVAB Technology & General Science, Part 1
ASVAB Technology & General Science, Part 2
ASVAB Word Knowledge & Paragraph Comprehension

NCAA Courses and Eligibility

NCAA courses meet the requirement for students pursuing athletics in D1 and D2 post-secondary institutions.  Student looking for an NCAA approved path are strongly encouraged to join our program in their 8th grade year to prepare for their high school academic journey towards college and athletics at that level.

For more details on NCAA Eligibility Requirements page


AP® Calculus A/B
Algebra 1 A/B
Algebra 2 A/B
Calculus A/B

Mathematics 1 A/B
Mathematics 2 A/B
Mathematics 3 A/B
Precalculus A/B
Probability & Statistics


AP® Biology A/B
AP® Chemistry A/B
AP® Environmental Science A/B
Biology A/B
Biology with Virtual Labs A/B
Chemistry A/B

High School Earth & Space Science A/B
Integrated Physics & Chemistry A/B
Physical Science A/B
Physics A/B


AP® English Language and Composition A/B
AP® English Literature and Composition A/B
English 09 A/B
English 10 A/B

English 11 A/B

English 12 A/B

Social Science

AP® U.S. History A/B

AP® Macroeconomics
AP® Microeconomics

Contemporary World History A/B


High School Civics

High School World History A/B
U.S. Government
U.S. History A/B
World Geography A/B
World History Survey A/B

World Languages

French 1 A/B
French 2 A/B
German 1 A/B
German 2 A/B
Spanish 1 A/B
Spanish 2 A/B
Spanish 3 A/B

Health Fitness & Physical Education









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