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Our school schedules at Global Virtual Academy are tailored to each student, combining both core courses and diverse electives. Parents and students are invited to consult with administrators to create an education path that aligns with the student’s college aspirations and career interests.

Recognizing that every child’s learning pace is unique, we offer flexibility for students to adjust their learning speed to suit their needs. We are here to facilitate an enriching learning journey, whether your child wishes to maintain a steady pace or accelerate their learning.

Our courses, spanning two semesters of 18 weeks each, are designed to promote thorough understanding of subjects. While we recommend dedicating at least 9 weeks to complete each semester, students with a keen interest or dedication can adapt their pace.

By choosing our Edmentum academic program, your child will be on their way to earning an internationally recognized high school diploma, accredited by Cognia and WASC, and acknowledged by colleges and universities worldwide.

Students transitioning into our full-time program are required to complete at least 5 credits to qualify for graduation and the award of a diploma.

All our courses adhere to American state and national standards. Certified teachers conduct live classes, manage virtual classrooms, and provide resources for students to refer back to. Our subject-specific live study halls, open daily from 9 AM – 6 PM EST, offer further academic support led by certified teachers.

Find more information on our course offerings listed below.

To create a meaningful and personalized schedule aligned to your child’s interests and needs, contact us today and book a private tour of our online learning environment. Experience firsthand the Global Virtual Academy difference.

2023 – 2024 Course List

Quality Online Learning at Global Virtual Academy

In collaboration with Edmentum, we bring interactive and engaging lessons to students around the globe. Our virtual academic program is grounded in research, fully accredited, and has been recognized for its excellence. Our subject matter aligns seamlessly with state and national standards, ensuring that your child’s online education holds up to traditional academic expectations.

All our courses are delivered by certified teachers, each experienced in cultivating a conducive learning environment in the virtual classroom. Their expertise ensures your child not only meets but excels in their academic goals.

Our educational framework mirrors the independent and autonomous nature of the contemporary digital workforce. We emphasize key skills required in today’s interconnected world, such as collaboration, project management, and goal-oriented learning. Students are given opportunities to collaborate with peers on significant projects, fostering a sense of community while building crucial skills.

While emphasizing independence, we also ensure accountability. Regular check-ins with teachers and administrators ensure students are progressing effectively and receiving the support they need.

Choose Global Virtual Academy for a comprehensive, quality online education that prepares your child for success in a digital era. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative approach to online learning.

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Curious about what sets our online lessons apart? Explore samples of our courses below and get a glimpse of our engaging, interactive, and personalized teaching methods. Our students thrive in our live, virtual classrooms that offer not just flexibility, but also an immersive learning experience tailored to each student’s needs.

Global Virtual Academy isn’t just about online learning, it’s about creating an enriching educational experience that fosters academic growth and curiosity. Dive in and explore the unique benefits of our online learning environment today.


Why Choose Global Virtual Academy?

1. Internationally Recognized High School Diploma: Equip your child with an online high school diploma recognized globally, broadening their opportunities for future success.

2. American-Certified and Experienced Teachers: Our team consists of certified, seasoned educators deeply committed to nurturing your child’s academic growth.

3. Live, Interactive Classes: Experience the benefits of real-time, face-to-face learning from the comfort of your home, perfectly blending traditional and online education.

4. Daily Live Academic Support: To ensure seamless learning, we offer daily live, drop-in help rooms staffed by certified subject-specialist teachers, ready to assist your child at a click.

5. Extensive Course Selection: We provide a wide range of dynamic online courses for grades 6 through 12, catering to diverse academic interests and goals.

6. Recorded Classes and Support Material: Never miss a lesson with our recorded classes and robust support material, ideal for review or catching up on missed sessions.

7. Continuous Progress Monitoring: Our dedicated educators regularly track and report your child’s academic progress, ensuring you stay updated on their learning journey.

8. Interactive, Award-Winning Virtual Textbook: Utilizing research-based, award-winning virtual textbooks, we make learning engaging and efficient.

9. American Curriculum Aligned with State and National Standards:  Our comprehensive curriculum is meticulously aligned with both state and national standards, ensuring a quality education that meets academic requirements.

10. University Dual Enrollment Options: We offer opportunities for dual enrollment, allowing your high school student to earn university credits, providing a head start for their higher education journey.

Discover the Global Virtual Academy difference and set your child on the path to academic excellence with our quality online education. Contact us to learn more today.