Adaptable Customized Online Learning

Harnessing the power of personalized learning, Global Virtual Academy equips students for a successful transition post high school graduation. Our students also learn to navigate the virtual systems that colleges, universities, and modern workplaces rely on, honing their time management skills and efficiency.

Our program offerings are designed to suit the unique needs of every student, from College-Bound Advising to the flexibility of standalone, Individual Course Offerings, and a comprehensive Full-Time Program. We prepare students not just academically, but for their future pursuits, as they discover their individual styles of studying, working, and managing time.

Choose Global Virtual Academy for an online education that’s more than just academics. It’s preparation for a successful future.

Credit Recovery Info Sheet

If required, use this document to discuss your credit recovery plan with your full-time school.

Individual Online Courses – Part Time

Our accredited face-to-face online courses are available to students any time during the year.  The purpose of offering individual courses is to help students take the courses they need when they need them, as opposed to waiting for them to be offered again when on a traditional schedule or through summer school.  Students take individual online courses to catch up after “falling behind”, to accelerate and take courses of interest prior to the time they would traditionally be offered, and to take courses to help complete and enhance their academic portfolio for college preparation.  Each course consists of two 18 week semesters and can be completed in more or less time.

Students have access to scheduled live, face-to-face, small group classes and live face-to-face drop-in help rooms with certified teachers available daily.

This program option is great for families wanting to supplement their current 6th through 12th grade education such as:

  • Expat Families
  • Homeschool Families
  • Accelerated Learners
  • Credit Recovery for D’s and F’s / Summer School
  • Florida Scholarship Students (Step Up for Students)

As courses are completed unofficial transcripts appear on the students’ dashboard in the online platform.  Official transcripts are available upon request.

For more information on how students navigate our enriching program, refer to our Youtube Channel.

Register today with Global Virtual Academy and pave the way for an educational journey that empowers lifelong learning and growth for your child.

“Any subject you don’t want to teach, use Global Virtual Academy. Super reasonable rates plus my kids can login anytime during regular work hours to be connected with a certified teacher for immediate assistance. To me, that is huge. Plus their classes are accredited!!!”

 – 7th Grade Homeschool Parent

“Super listening and warm, caring support!”

 – 11th Grade Parent when asked what part of their registration experience was done well

How to Get Started in an Individual Online Course

The payment table below reflects the pricing for our individual accredited courses.  Within each course, students gain the advantage of having multiple layers of support through their educational journey. Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Register
  2. Book a Meeting
  3. Pay

1. Register

Use the registration button below to register your child in the program and we will contact you to complete registration and get your child started.

2. Book a Meeting

Use the button below to select your preferred time for us to contact you to complete the registration process.

3. Payment

Select the button below for your preferred payment option.

For parents wanting to pay for one semester of a course (A or B) for this program the price is listed below.

For parents wanting to pay one-time for the full course (Semesters A and B)  in this program the price is listed below.

Payment may be made before or after initial meeting.

Families looking for a full program to culminate to a high school diploma should refer to our Full-Time Online Program.









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